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Michelle Keegan stays ‘Beachy’ in new Hello cover article

There’s an interview and some amazing Alan Strutt (@alanstrutt) photos of Michelle Keegan in this week’s Hello magazine..and in two of the photos Michelle is wearing her own Pearlescence white pearl anklet from the Beach Collection which she’s had for a year now! We’re so excited and flattered to see the photos – doesn’t she look stunning?

Michelle named the collection – perfect for hot summer days – after first wearing the anklet in a shoot. Her comment about how she loved it because it was so ‘beachy’ triggered a whole stream of design ideas for easy to wear, light, cool, summery pearl designs which became The Beach Collection –

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan. Photo Hello Magazine /Alan Strutt

You can find exactly Michelle’s anklet here –

It’s made from small elliptical or rice shaped pearls, drilled at one end so they sit higgle-de-piggle-dy on the stretch filament for a light and lacy look

There is a ‘backstage’ video of the shoot here

Look out for pearl glimpses plus the big crocodile clip holding the back of Michelle’s dress in place in a couple of shots!